Finding Isadora




Finding Isadora: Volume III

Isadora Faugoin, who lives in France, is the actual person upon whom the book, Finding Isadora, is based. Through our facebook chats, Isadora generously collaborated with me on the details of this book. That is her picture there at the left. Isadora was an exchange student who briefly visited us for a few weeks during the summer of 2011. I was immediately struck by how at ease she was in this new foreign atmosphere, yet her amiable personality made everyone feel at ease, like she was a member of the family. So that's what we did, we adopted her in our hearts and minds as one of our own. And have longed since for the day we would be united with her again to rekindle the joy of that brief visit. It has long been a goal of our family to travel to France. And this sparked the idea for the book, Finding Isadora, an adventure through the streets of Paris and Cannes searching for the elusive Isadora. But could we find her before she was consumed by the recent tragic events in her life? This is the special edition book, which includes the real life poem and letter written by Isadora to our family. A short recipe "book," contains the recipes we shared with Isadora during her stay. Below are three selected poems from the book, Finding Isadora: KsanaKai Volume III

Black Recluse


She sits there alone all day in her catatonic state

Two black stagnant pools without a ripple

of life that stirs underneath. Two black

eight balls in their corneal pockets


…unless she fights back

refuses to be a recluse to her sorrow

got to find some way to excavate her

from her burrow. But she keeps clawing

her way in deeper, spitting out that dirt

into our faces.

This isn’t Isadora. This isn’t my sister

whose eyes were blue oceans,

sparkling with life, her waters churned

with clear blue electric energy

To be near her was to be affected

by her charge. But something has pulled

the plug and I don’t know how to turn it

back on.

Return to me


I will not chase about this butterfly

whose sullen wings are weighed upon by grief

the one of whom my heart thought rather shy

has strength to say goodbye and crush this leaf,


which dropped despite its olive branch

so too we grieved and shared our fate with you

that fell upon us as an avalanche

its tacit why you bid this life adieu


though blue, you suffered not this pain alone

we cry inside though your façade seems nice

we see the soul you wear as our own

and throw the lot with you against the price


that through one death to death we all succumb

yet sweeter truth that love should overcome.


facebook disconnect



Yeah, I disconnect sometimes--

deactivate my account.

Facebook won’t let you delete

it. Facebook knows you will

be back to reactivate your friends.

It’s nothing personal.

It’s the electronic age way

of daydreaming momentarily

your friend drifts away in thought

and reengages after a pause…

…Isadora will return

and reactivate her account.


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